Formulation name

Physical depilatory wax – resin based

Product category:
Hair removal
Frame formulation number:
3.2 - 2013

Frame formulation

Ingredient Maximum concentration (% w/w)
Emollients, humectants
Examples: paraffinum liquidum, glycerin
Emulsifying agents, anionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, non-ionic surfactants
Examples: PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil
Aqua 5
Additional ingredients
Examples: plant extracts, skin conditioning agents, opacifying agents, antioxidants
Colourants 3
Parfum 1
Preservatives, antimicrobials 1
Tackifying agents and thickeners
Examples: triethylene glycol rosinate, glyceryl rosinate, polyethylene, ethylene/VA copolymer, hydrogenated microcrystalline wax, paraffin, colophonium, beeswax, silica
to 100